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Tytanis, named after the modder who created it, originated as one of the first overhaul mods for Skyrim.
The mod aimed to add many new original features to the game including new mounts and a greatly
enhanced crafting experience. As the mod grew, so too did its user base, and it rapidly began climbing
up the charts to sit in the nexus ‘top ten mods of all time’ for months on end and has received numerous reviews from magazines to it's dedicated fans. To this day it still resides
comfortably in the top 25 despite the hiatus between updates. Version 1.03 is set to be the largest
update to the mod and will hail the monikor "The Unofficial Expansion" to Skyrim.

Full list coming soon!

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More information coming soon!

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Tyler "Tytanis" Sprague


























































































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